Entrepreneurs, investors and company directors work very hard to build an asset portfolio for themselves and their families. It is important that their private wealth is protected from the various risks and third party predators. CDAR team, under the management of a TEP qualified professional, are highly experienced in this area and have helped hundreds of clients protect their assets from taxation, insolvency, personal and business connections. We offer the following private client services: 
Standard Wills 
Testamentary (Will) Trusts 
Revocable and irrevocable Living Trusts 
Trust disputes 
Lasting power of attorney 
Deputyship orders 
Probate administration 
Probate disputes 
Professional trustee services 
Professional executorship 
Inheritance tax 
Income tax 
Capital gains tax 
What do TEPs do? 
As specialists in inheritance and succession planning, TEPs draft wills and trusts, administer estates, act as trustees and advise families on how best to structure their finances to ensure compliance and preserve their assets for future generations. 
In their professional practice, TEPs often help people at difficult or emotional times, such as after the death of a close family member. Some examples of what TEPs may advise on are: 
providing for an individual following their partner’s death, while protecting the interests of their children 
ensuring elderly or vulnerable relatives are cared for and supported 
helping families with interests spread across the world to be compliant with the laws and tax rules of different countries 
ensuring that a family business will pass safely from one generation to another 
helping clients to support charitable causes in an effective way. 
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